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What makes a good Dementia care-at-home team?

30 May 2022

When someone starts to show the signs of Dementia many families and friends feel that they can provide the necessary care themselves. However, it often becomes quickly apparent that help is needed – to provide the companionship, support and stimulation the person living with the condition needs, and also to provide a rest for that person’s current carers. This is where many people turn to a home care provider. But what should you look for when you’re thinking about hiring such a service?

‘The most important thing is to get a company that you can trust to do the job effectively and with compassion, and which provides care staff who you like and get on with,’ says Rickie Tank who manages one of Edinburgh’s leading home care businesses, Home Help Me Care. ‘The company should explain how they work and talk to you in detail about what you want from the care they provide. They should help and guide you through what can be a difficult process.’

Rickie advises that a good provider will be adaptable and willing to offer the scope and length of care that best suits you – from short pop-in sessions to 24-hour care support.

‘We carefully observe peoples moods and body language and adjust our style of care to suit their needs,’ says Rickie. ‘We are proud of the speed at which we can adapt our services to meet the changing needs of our clients. Sometimes this means changes being implemented on the same day.  We adjust to our clients’ needs enabling them to retain their sense of independence and dignity.’

Any good care provider should also offer a comprehensive range of services, including personal care, food preparation, carer respite, assistance with medical appointments and a ‘hospital to home’ service to help people settle back into their home after a period in hospital.

‘To deliver a reliable, safe and effective service any home care provider should have well trained staff with all the necessary skills,’ Rickie says. ‘We work with a range of professionals including Social Workers, Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Occupational Therapists and Doctors to ensure we create a truly bespoke care package.’

Beyond these practical considerations, Rickie says that the most important thing is that the care team should be outgoing, calm and friendly and help the person with Dementia enjoy life, whether that’s a stroll in the park, afternoon tea, a visit to a local cafe or simply enjoying being at home.

‘That’s why the first thing we assess with our carers is their personality, and the extra something they can bring to the job,’ says Rickie. ‘For example, one of our carers is Sarah, who is a trained hairdresser. She combines her passion for hair and care, and helps add a bit of ‘glamour’ the lives of the people she visits, delivering super hairdressing services to her clients – not only does getting pampered eliminate stress, but it also increases people’s self-esteem and overall wellbeing.’

To contact Home Help Me Care email and phone 0131 285 8320.